New Date

Nov. 20-22nd, 2020

Greater Philadelphia Expo

Anyone who was eligible to compete in the Spring of 2020 is still eligible for this new date! New collegiate athletes may also enter.

Academic Eligibility

Who is academically eligible for The Collegiate National Championships?

Form Here

To be academically eligible, one must meet the following standards:

The student must be enrolled in a 2 or 4 years higher education institution.

The student must be enrolled as a full-time student at the institution. This is determined by what his or her particular university considers full-time enrollment.

The student must be in good academic standing at the institution (Must not be on academic probation).

Max age 25

Exception to the full-time status rule you will need to do the following

A detailed letter from your school’s registrar MUST BE presented which details ALL of the following:

 a) that you are in your final semester at your University/College

 b) that you are a student in good standing with your University/College

 c) that you are currently enrolled in your final course/internship with your University/College

 d) stating that you are otherwise eligible for graduation upon completing this last course and would under no OTHER circumstances be considered “part-time” status. 

This letter MUST BE presented/submitted in order for you to be eligible to compete at the Collegiate National Championships in April.